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The difference between a writer and an author is not just a book binding, but a serious dedication to their craft though one thing: revision. Objectivity is hard to come by on projects we are engulfed in. Gaining a realistic gauge on where you and your work stand saves time and gets you one step closer to a final draft. 

      My name is Douglas Lee. I am a Literary Agent and freelance manuscript editor. As a publishing professional I have the unique experience of being a writer who became an agent with one of the most reputable agencies in the country: Kimberley Cameron & Associates. I work with authors to get their books ready for gaining representation through in depth developmental editing. Whether traditional or self-publishing, your endgame should be to push your work to embolden its true potential. If you want to get a serious overhaul of your book and take it to the next level, then this is the place for you. 

     I work closely with writers and it is a process of critique, clarity and serious perspective. It can be painful. Real growth always is. Our goal is to get through an entire draft and change the road map of your work. Whether you need a realistic appraisal, a fine-tuning, or you are hopelessly lost in the woods we will find the path for you. I look forward to hearing about your project.

-Douglas Lee

Thus...I never became a photographer.

Thus...I never became a photographer.


My name is Douglas Lee, and I am a Literary Agent with Kimberley Cameron & Associates. 

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